The Heights CDC
We rise by lifting others.


We Rise By Lifting Others


The Heights community has over 1,100 vacant and abandoned properties. The Heights CDC purchases blighted homes and renovates them to a high standard. These rehabbed homes are then rented to families at an affordable rate with the goal of preparing the family for homeownership.

Holistic community development

Relationships are at the core of community development. We believe that Heights residents are the experts and by supporting their work we can holistically address the problems of blight, crime, and disinvestment. The Heights CDC works with our neighbors on public spaces like parks, libraries, and our streets and sidewalks, because beautifully designed shared spaces add value to a community.(photos by Natalie Eddings)


Our neighborhood loves to party. Bringing people together around signs of hope and growth are important to community development. Without a sense of hope communities feel powerless, voiceless, and dejected. Working together with partner organizations, schools, and faith groups, we celebrate our neighborhood’s diversity and assets. (photos by Emily Holmes, Heights resident)